Border Wall Quilt Project


Want to support the Border Wall Quilt Project without making a brick?  Donate now.  All funds will be used to maintain, ship, and insure the exhibit as it travels the country

 Border Wall Quilt Project Galleries

Panel 1, Side A

Panel 1, Side B

Panel 2, Side A

Panel 2, Side B

Panel 3, Side A

Panel 3, Side B

Panel 4, Side A

Panel 4, Side B

Here is a link for the BWQP mail in entry form.

Look for the Border Wall Quilt Project at the San Diego Quilt Festival, September 20-22.


September 1

Getting ready to share directions for making your own section of wall.  Here is our beta testing crew at work.  Make it a guild challenge, or have your guild challenge another guild. It takes 30 bricks for each side of the wall.


August 23

YES, It’s official.  We have our National Park Service permit to set up our exhibit in Washington, DC.  We won’t be on the mall, though. . . WE’RE TAKING THE WALL TO THE WHITE HOUSE!!  On September 29-30 (last weekend in September) we’ll be set up in the southeast quadrant of the Elipse on the White House Grounds.  The Elipse is where the National Christmas tree stands.  If you are in town, look for us there.

August 20

Tonight we are set up in a community center in Arvada, CO.  for the Front Range Contemporary Quilt guild.  Many of our early artists came froths group.  Indoors, is an easy set up.

August 11

Today we are in Lyons, CO for the outdoor quilt festival. This is our outdoor dress rehearsal.  We estimate that over 1000 people walked through out exhibit today.

It was not all smooth sailing.  An early gust of wind took us down, but the crowd gathered to help us stand it back up and weight down the upright poles with big rocks.

It was a long hot day.  After reflection, we were happy not to have gotten permission to show in Washington DC in August.  Hopefully, we’ll put that trip together for September

August 5

We now have T-shirts for our Border Wall Ambassadors to where at the exhibits.  This way, you’ll know to to go to with questions and comments.

July 2018

Section 2 of the wall is under construction .  I try to arrange bricks so that each has something in common, or relates to the bricks around it in theme, color, or visual elements.

I organize the entire panel on the ground. 

Then bricks are fixed, back-to-back, on a skeleton of ribbon that allows for viewers on each side to see through the wall.  Here is Panel 1, Side B.

June 2018

The bricks are arriving.  The high point of my day is going to the mailbox and finding a new package addressed to the Border Wall Quilt Project.

May 9, 2018

1st brick by Denise Labadie

YES!! The first brick has arrived.  A big thank you and shout out to Denise Labadie, who took time away from here stone quilts to make a brick.

Confused by the call for entry?  Send me an email and ask a question:  Your questions help me edit the call for entry and make it more understandable for those that come after you.

Thanks for you help!

The call for entry went live today, May 1.  A short description of the project is included below, but if you are intrigued and want to know more, follow this link for a full prospectus and entry forms.


We’re building a wall that brings people together, to talk about building a wall that keeps people apart.  Creativity is welcome; social discourse is encouraged!

General Information:

The Border Wall Quilt Project is a visual representation of a discussion about the proposed border wall between Mexico and the United States. Let’s use our medium and our skills to explore all aspects of this issue and what it would mean to those on both sides. Together, let’s consider political, environmental, cultural, and economic factors. Quilters in the United States and Mexico are invited to participate.

To be a part of the Border Wall Quilt Project, create and donate up to 3 small quilted pieces, 8” x 16” expressing your ideas, concerns, and opinions about the proposed border wall between the US and Mexico and issues related to immigration. Under the direction of fiber artist Lea McComas, these small quilts will be used as “bricks” to build a wall about the wall. This isn’t a juried exhibition; we intent to use all bricks that follow project guidelines. The wall will continue grow as more, and more, bricks are donated.

Find a full prospectus and entry forms at: