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Social Media: Breakup and Makeup

Social Media: So Seductive

Lea McComas and the pressure to post.

Social Media is like that handsome guy that is so attentive and charming in the beginning; and later, changes into a demanding, manipulative creep.  With Social Media, like the creepy guy, I had to break it off.  I had long felt that trying to keep up with weekly posts was draining my energy and creativity, and keeping me from my other important interests: family and art.  

The real trouble started last June when I made a commitment to become proficient on various platforms (blog, Facebook, Pinterest) with such ease and efficiency that it would no longer be a chore, but a delightful daily routine—maybe something I did while I savored that first cup of coffee.

Social Media: Demanding & Manipulative

‘The reality: it never got better.  Social Media was like, “Hey look at how much attention I’ve brought to you: so many likes, so many shares, so many followers. Now, give me something more to work with. Would it kill you to spend a little money on advertising?  And maybe a little more attention to your SEO?”  More, More, More!!!  Never enough.

At the point that you are only making artwork so that you have something to take pictures of for your next post, you have lost your way.  Can I get a “Woop, Woop!!” for this?  (Don’t send it to me in a reply, just raise your hands to the sky and say it out loud.)

Second Thoughts

Now, after a long productive winter, I do miss connecting with other creatives, getting feedback on my work, getting sucked into a funny cat video when I’m supposed to be making a plane reservation.  It wasn’t all bad; there were some really great times with Social Media. I want to reconnect. I just have to set boundaries and be firm this time.  

Social Media with Sanity

Everyone wants to tune in and find out…

Yes, I’m re-engaging with Social Media and I’m inviting you to join me. My new focus is on sharing a journey that is real.   I’ll share with you what’s happening in my creative journey: inspiration, studio practice,  creative community, and tips N techniques .  One a month I’ll post upcoming events workshops, lectures.  This is also the place where you will see the my newest works coming together.

See it here first!  To subscribe, slide your cursor to the top of your screen and a pop up window will appear.  




Let’s Make Faces

Look what I did!

I hope you are enjoying a beautiful summer: picnics, camping, swimming, baseball…

But, when you are ready to come in, cool off, and do something creative, I invite you to join me in a portrait quilt class or workshop.  There are spaces open in these locations:

CraftU Courses are once again open for registration: 

 August 13 – Brigham City Museum, Brigham City, Utah.

Jo's self portrait

Jo’s Self portrait

September 30-October 2, 2016 – Quilt & Fiber Arts Festival, LaConner Quilt & Textile Museum, LaConner, Washington

October 15-16, Jukebox Quilts Store, Fort Collins, Colorado

Portraits on Parade

Portraits on Parade


“Portrait Quilt Workshop” Sat-Sun, October 15-16, 2016. Call (970) 224-9975 for more information.

January 19-22, 2017, Road to California Quilter’s Conference, Ontario, California


Thread Painted Features in Quilting Arts Magazine

The latest issue of Quilting Arts magazine in now available. It contains the next article in my series on thread-painted facial features. I believe this article is on twitching the mouth. Look for it on pg. 39. To purchase a copy follow this link: .


Below is a description provided by the publisher.  The bold type was added by me…and why not?

You’ll love this if:

  • You are looking for art quilt inspiration for this summer.
  • You want to learn new techniques, including embroidery, surface-design, and quilting motifs.
  • You want to be inspired and encouraged by fellow quilt and fiber artists.

Get ready for summer with art quilt inspiration and technique tutorials! Inside the pages of the June/July 2016 issue of Quilting Arts Magazine you’ll find all of this and so much more. Discover techniques to take your embroidery to the next level with free-stitched Embroideries by Laura Wasilowski. She shows you how to take small vignettes of everyday life and hand stitch without a patterm. Discover how to dye beautiful fabrics using ice with Susan Purney Mark. Beautifully dyed fabrics will come to life. You are the designer! Details are drilled in on with Applique Portraits with Lea McComas. This issue is packed full and it doesn’t stop here, travel “up up and away” with results from the “What’s Your Super Power?” Reader Challenge. Whether perfecting a technique or falling in love with a new project, this issue is a must have!

Order your copy of Quilting Arts Magazine June/July 2016 today and be inspired by more than 25 stunning art quilts.

Quilt artists featured in this issue:

  • Sandi Colwell
  • Julie B. Booth
  • Lea McComas
  • Susan Purney Mark and many more!

See Me on The Quilt Show

I recently taped an episode of with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims.  Subscribers to that website got to see that episode last week.  Many thanks to those of you that sent kind words through email and Facebook.

sitting talking

Photo by Gregory Case

Now, I can share a link to that show with the rest of you. Click on the link here and you can watch too.

Watch The Show

This link will work until May 11, so make a cup of tea and sit back to enjoy.

Let me know what you think Also, for those of you that subscribe to The Quilt Show, I have a new series of lessons in the “Classroom” section of the website.  This course is on “Contemporary Batik”  If you’ve ever wanted to try batik, but were afraid of the mess, check out this class.  It will be FUN, and EASY!! FTI: you have to be a subscriber to the website to access this class.