Admitting I’m Committing to Submitting

Last week a polar explorer, an astronaut, a poetry slam champion, and a former pro football

player all advised me to dream big, step out on faith, and push forward despite setbacks and rejection. I attended a session on Exceptional Career Paths at the Conference of World Affairs in Boulder, Colorado. It has worked for all of them, so I’m going with that, and I’m telling the world so I don’t wimp out.

My big dream is to be an artist whose work touches people around the world. To that end, I’m responding to the prestigious Luxembourg Art Prize call for entry. I already have the full support of my studio mates.

The application process is complex. Where others ask for a single high-resolution photo, they invite the artist to submit multiple photos. Here are some of the detail shots of Busy Signal that I’m able to share.

warm hand tones pop forward against cool shoulder tones

Mouth shaded to create depth and contour

Binding fabrics change to match image.

background fabric created by me.

Rather than a short artist statement, Luxembourg asks for details about process, inspiration, and context. Selected, or not, taking time to think and write about my work has been hugely valuable. I now understand my artist self a bit better and am even more committed to the dream. I’ll share bits of this with you in the weeks to come.