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Color & Composition I

Lea effectively teaches online courses

Learn with Lea online!

This 6-month course, runs June-November 2024
Online meetings held the 4th Saturday of each month

Each session includes:
  • an in-depth look at a color concept, color scheme, and a composition concept
  • suggestions for application of concepts in your work
  • ideas for all styles of quilting: traditional, art, modern
  • lively conversation and sharing of work and ideas
  • access to meeting recording

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Fused Raw-Edge Applique’ Portraits    (Available as a guild event)

mother-childYou have a collection of photos of cherished family members, dear friends, and interesting people you’ve met along the way, and a love of fabric. Combine the two to make realistic fabric portrait quilts. Let me teach you my award winning techniques for translating photo into fiber. Don’t be intimidated as I break down the process in easy to follow steps that will allow you to master fused, raw-edge applique portraits using fat-quarter fabrics for your first project. Create portrait quilts that will be prized holiday, anniversary, and birthday gifts, or artwork for your own home.

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Thread Painted Portraits       (Available as a guild event)

siblings-portraitBring your favorite images to life with me in this extensive online course. You will begin with exercises to learn blending and shaping techniques with thread. Then, learn how to place light and dark threads to create contours and shadows. Finally, working from a printed image, or a fused fabric base that you have created, apply stitching to create a life-like image that appears to pop from the fabric surface. I share my tricks and tips for using shapes and lines to create features, such as eyes and mouths that are true to life. Follow my step-by-step instructions and you too can create thread-painted portraits.

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Pet Portrait Memory Quilts        (Available as a guild event)

Most of us treat our pets like a member of the family so why not immortalize your favorite pet in a custom quilt?   I’ll show you how to bring your favorite pet photos to life using my fused raw-edge appliqué technique.  From start to finish, I’ll share insight that will ensure your success in creating a one-of-a-kind pet portrait quilt.  By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills to create a work of art even the furriest of your friends will appreciate.

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Successful Pictorial Quilts    

Have you ever wanted to make a statement with a pictorial quilt?  Maybe you want to commemorate that magnificent view from a romantic vacation, capture the perfect bloom from the flower garden, or incorporate a symbolic object to make a political or social statement.  Let me share with you principles of color, balance, scale, value, and contrast that will allow you to create your own dynamic fabric renditions of meaningful images in your art quilts

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