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Color & Composition 1

My newest online class begins June 22

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This 6-month Color & Composition 1 course, runs June-November 2024.
Online meetings held the 4th Saturday of each month(US time zones: ET 1-3, CT 12-2, MT 11-2, PT 10-12)

Each session includes:

-an in-depth look at a color concept, color scheme, and a composition concept
-suggestions for application of concepts in your work
-ideas for all styles of quilting: modern, art, traditional
-lively conversation and sharing of work and ideas
-access to session recordings for catch up and review

Something for Everyone

Lea helps studentMy goal is present enough new content, information, tools, and ideas that everyone, no matter
what you already know, will leave with something new that you can use to enrich your creative experience , or take your art to the next level. Each Color & Composition 1 live session will be recorded so that you can catch up if you miss the online meeting.  Recordings will be available for one month so that you can rewatch a session to refresh and review the information.

Access through Your Learning Style

I know that not everyone learns in the same way. So, in addition to the live presentation, each session includes a study guide for those who like to take notes and review the written word. I will give suggestions for follow-on projects to satisfy our tactile/kinesthetic needs. Each session if full of useful information, and you will be able to see it, hear it, touch it, and use it.

Learn & Apply

At the end of each session, participants are invited to create something new and original based on the information experimenting with design blocks presented in each Color & Composition 1 lesson. This could be something simple that uses one of the concepts presented, or something more complex, with multiple concepts applied.  We will begin sessions 2-6 with show & tell time where we learn from each other and celebrate creative efforts.

If you have questions, please reach out and email me at: Lea@LeaMcComas.com

If you are ready to sign up, follow this link:

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