Dying to Have Fun

A few days ago, my schedule opened up and gave me an opportunity to take advantage of dye class offered by Susan Brooks.  Dyeing is a bit out of my comfort zone.  While I’ve tried it in the past, and have enjoyed it, I’m happy to put a toe in the water, but not ready to dive in.  This class was great for me because it was a creative break from what I usually do which is serious, methodical, and detail oriented. 

Sometimes, you need to to throw seriousness aside and be frivilous and daring, shut off careful thought, act quickly and go with your impulses.  That’s what this class was like.  At the end of the day, I felt very refreshed.

Many years ago I was in a similar situation with some women who came with preconceived ideas and had many demands on the class leader. When she didn’t revamp her workshop to appease them, they packed up and left early.  This was a case of learning what not to do in a workshop.  Instead, walk in the door with your mind open, expect the unexpected and believe you will be rewarded with serendipidous creative moments.  In the end, you get to look back and say things like, “Wow! I did that?!?”

My camera battery was dead at the workshop, but here are some pictures of my finished products after being washed and dried at home.

more dye fabrics


Dye class fabrics