I’m Making Water

Finally, it’s time put start fusing fabric.  For my next piece, The Four Horsemen”, I’m starting at the bottom and working my way up.  That means creating the river that the horsemen are crossing.  Hand-dyed fabrics in cool blue and a slightly warmer blue-green are chosen.

water1Looking at the pattern, I see that there is a lot of value change and small pieces needed to get the effect of flowing, swirling water.  After studying the pattern, the best course of action seems to be to establish some larger value areas with big pieces of fabric and then apply smaller lighter and darker pieces over the top.Water 2


The process involves lots of tedious cutting, with sharp curves.  However, it worth it when I step back and can see the pattern of the ripples change as the water flows around the horses legs.  I’m pleased with the contrast of light-dark, and warm-cool.  It’s a good start.water-full