Video Tutorials

Value Finding Tools-

Part 1: Selecting Fabrics
Learn how to use my Value Finding tool kit to select fabrics with a broad value range for your pictorial quilts.

Part 2: Near & Far
Use the Value Scale and value contrast to create the illusion of distance, draw attention to specific elements, and establish relative locations of objects.

Part 3: Starring and Supporting Roles
By using value to select fabrics for your art quilt you can assign a starring role to some elements and supporting role to others.

Golden Mean Calipers-

Part 1: Establishing Borders
This begins my series of videos about how to use Golden Mean Calipers in your quilting. Use the Golden Ratio to establish borders that are in harmony with your blocks and other quilt elements.

Part 2: Crop a Photo
Use Golden Mean Calipers to crop a photo and then establish harmonious outer dimensions of your art quilts.

Part 3: Facial Features
See how the calipers can be used to check placement of facial features.

Part 4: Locating Facial Features
Find the optimum placement for facial features in your portrait artwork.

Part 5: Adjusting Body Proportions

 Use the calipers to resize an image to get the correct body proportions.


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