Let’s meet online.  Titles in red are available as virtual guild events.  Contact Lea@LeaMcComas for information on pricing and scheduling.

Applique’ Portrait Quilts        

portrait-class(4-week virtual workshop)
(2-day in-person workshop)

Create a portrait quilt from your own photo. Learn basic portrait composition, photo editing, and fabric selection for a portrait quilt. This workshop will include instruction on how to create a pattern and use a fused, raw-edge applique technique to produce an amazing life-like portrait quilt top approximately 14 x 18 in. Participants will send Lea 2-3 digital photos at least 2 weeks prior to the workshop so that she can prepare a printout for their use. Class kit includes full size photo printout. Kit fee of $5 will be paid to the teacher at the time of the workshop. Additional tools and materials can be available for purchase at the workshop as allowed by the venue.


Thread Painted Portraits

thread-paint-class(4-week virtual workshop)
(1-day, or 2-day in-person workshop)

Use free-motion stitching on a printed fabric foundation to thread paint a portrait. Begin with a basic blending and contour exercises before moving on to the stitching specific features and an actual face. This workshops also includes instruction on photo editing, how to select appropriate threads, tips for adding detail, and ways of manipulating the background to support the overall composition. A supply kit includes 2 practice panels, reference printouts, and photo editing notes. Kit fee of $10 will be paid to the teacher at the time of the workshop. Additional tools and materials can be available for purchase at the workshop as allowed by the venue.

Pet Portrait Memory Quilts

(4-week virtual workshop)
(2-day in-person workshop)

Most of us treat our pets like a member of the family so why not immortalize your favorite pet in a custom quilt?   I’ll show you how to bring your favorite pet photos to life using my fused raw-edge appliqué technique.  From start to finish, I’ll share insight that will ensure your success in creating a one-of-a-kind pet portrait quilt.  By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills to create a work of art even the furriest of your friends will appreciate.

Introduction to Thread Painting

(1-day workshop)

Try this technique without committing to a major project. Participants will complete a series of small exercises to learn skills in isolation, and then combine them in more intricate compositions. We will begin with a basic exercises for drawing, filling, & blending, before moving on to creating texture, contour, and depth. This workshops also includes information on threads, stabilizers, and needles.


A Play Date with Color & Composition

(1-day workshop)

Spend a day in guided exploration of concepts related to color & composition while creating a series of fiber art cards, approximately 10 x 15 cm, that can be stitched at home and given as postcards, framed as small works of art, or kept for future reference and inspiration. Together, we will experiment with a variety of color schemes, combined with value, line, repetition, shape, and texture. This is a cheap date as you will be working with fabric scraps, trims, and decorative papers from your stash at home. Arrive ready to laugh, share, create the unexpected, and go home with new treasures.

Lively Landscapes

(1-day, or 2-day workshop)

Learn and apply basic principles design to give the illusion of depth and perspective to  basic landscape compositions. Lea will teach you how to use scale, and contrast to further enhance your composition. Complete 2-4 practice compositions in the workshop. The size and complexity of projects will be adjusted according to the length of the workshop. 


Photo Editing

(1/2-day workshop)
Learn basic processes to manipulate and edit digital photos and prepare them for translation to fiber, along with principles of composition and the psychology of portraits. The finished results can be used as the first step in making a pattern for an applique portrait quilt or can be printed directly to fabric. Lea will demonstrate the processes involved in photo editing and participants are invited to bring their own laptop computers with photo editing software and follow along to enhance the learning process. Two people can work together and share a laptop. There is no kit fee for this workshop. This 1/2-day session can stand-alone or be the starting point for other workshops listed above.