Artist Statement

Fiber art is exploding; there are a myriad of materials and techniques to be used. I find I’m easily overwhelmed by all the options. So, my personal challenge has become, “What can I do with basic materials of fabric and thread? How far can I go with just these elements to create images that are compelling?” In this striving, I find that my art is truly in my hands: it becomes about my skill, my creativity, my vision, and my ability to bring to life images that compel the viewer to stop and spend time with my art.

I find my inspiration from simple images of daily life. I love to be caught off guard by the unexpected: the impish grin on a boys face that leaves you wondering what he is thinking, or the way shadow and light fall across a fresh bloom to further highlight its beauty. When an image startles me, I will create a composition using that image which will, in turn, startle the viewer.

I know a piece is good when I see people walk up to view my work and it compels them to stop for a few moments, then move in closer and perhaps hold up a hand or hold out a finger as if struggling with the urge to touch the piece, then step back to view from a distance again with greater appreciation.